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"i dont want to be an ant, y'know?"
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yeah science bitch

i haven't blogged in awhile but hi again !! i finished watching the last 3 episodes of breaking bad last night and ohmygod i genuinely can't believe i'm done with the show !@#$%^&

i yelled n cried n screamed a bit </3 i honestly dunno how i feel about the way things ended yet but wow this show was one hell of a rollercoaster :0 i can't wait to watch el camino n better call saul !!

okay i'm gonna binge all the video essays n analysis videos now bc i'm invested n i just wanna hear other people talk about it now hehe

if you're looking for show suggestions n you're up for something a bit heavy then i suggest breaking bad !! the writing n acting on this show is so fucking good n the way everything was wrapped up at the end was just akdjsifsd

also totally fucking laughed my ass off even though shit was dramatic n sad during the scene where walter makes this face n falls to the ground bc i've seen the gif of the scene before i saw the actual episode n i've always found it funny :p


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comfort films

i felt a bit sad today, which sorta came out of nowhere :( but i decided to make a chart of my comfort movies to try to make me feel better !! most of these are straight up guilty pleasure movies too lmao :p anyways, if u like any of these movies then u automatically have epic taste !! :0

and btw, thank u for 1000 fwiends !! holy mackerel that's a lot of ppl !!



happy new year

aaa it's officially 2021 here so happy new year !! 2020 was a shit year so i rlly hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone !! <3

i joined myspace around july 2020 and i'm vv grateful and happy to have met so many cool and awesome ppl here !! im glad to have this little outlet and corner where i can express myself and interact with all of u epic ppl :0 fr this place has definitely made my 2020 less of a shitty year

i genuinely hope that this new year brings all of u guys good things and that u guys get to achieve whatever u want to achieve !!

live long and prosper doodooooo doodoo doodoo dooooo



buzzkill break

i hate when schools give out work to do during break? like aren't breaks meant for us to rest and not do work? funny thing is that my atheist ass goes to a catholic school and they keep preaching about how our holidays are meant to be spent with family and celebrating jesus but here they are...giving us work to do instead of allowing us to actually focus on family and jesus! the contradiction of it all!

seriously though, i'm not in the mood to do work right now and i'm actually kinda cramming everything because i go back to school in like 4 days. sure, maybe it's my fault that i'm suffering the consequences of cramming now but maybe they just shouldn't have given us any work to do at all :(

anyways, i'm gonna stop complaining now and actually get to work on all my assignments while everything is still peaceful and quiet bc i know tomorrow night is gonna be noisy as hell with loads of fireworks and neighbors doing karaoke :/



666 fwiends

edgy pog moment ?? i think yes !! thanks 4 adding me or accepting my friend requests 2 yall <3 ive met a lot of vv cool ppl here n ive gotten the chance 2 have rlly nice chats w some of yall too !!


in honor of 666 fwiends ive decided 2 make these rock/metal spotify playlists to match that number lmao so if yall r looking 4 music recs or just wanna get into the genres more u can check out my playlists :0

also rock/metal fans that have any song, band, or album suggestions 4 me pls hmu !! lets be pals !!




boogies n bops

here are my favorite albums !! my music taste is hella messy and idk if i actually arranged this in any particular way,, i kinda just did it lmao. might do another chart for my favorite films !!

also got inspired by the awesome n epic wizard goofball 2 do this !! :0



pygmy hippo baby

i thought i'd share my favorite video with all of you today !! it's pygmy hippo baby makes a splash !! i always find myself watching this whenever im stressed n it rlly calms me down !! also makes me forget that hippos r actually pretty aggressive lol :p



math is not rad

i hate math so much and i barely get the lesson we're learning bc there's just way too much equations, laws, numbers, and weird ass math symbols going on :(

cant believe some people back in the day were so bored out of their minds that they came up with all these random equations that i now have to learn in school even though i literally dont see how im gonna use any of it in real life!?

dreadful...it's just dreadful!! how do some people genuinely understand and enjoy math like huh??


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i've been listening to a lot of opeth lately and all i can say is that i have no more thoughts except mikael åkerfeldt!

god this man sings so beautifully BUT he also death growls so well too!? the duality...the range...it's amazing.

mikael is the type of guy that i could see myself chatting over tea with wherein our conversation just never goes dry. i could literally just listen to this man talk about ANYTHING for hours because his voice is just so nice y'know?


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