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"i dont want to be an ant, y'know?"
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yeah science bitch

i haven't blogged in awhile but hi again !! i finished watching the last 3 episodes of breaking bad last night and ohmygod i genuinely can't believe i'm done with the show !@#$%^&

i yelled n cried n screamed a bit </3 i honestly dunno how i feel about the way things ended yet but wow this show was one hell of a rollercoaster :0 i can't wait to watch el camino n better call saul !!

okay i'm gonna binge all the video essays n analysis videos now bc i'm invested n i just wanna hear other people talk about it now hehe

if you're looking for show suggestions n you're up for something a bit heavy then i suggest breaking bad !! the writing n acting on this show is so fucking good n the way everything was wrapped up at the end was just akdjsifsd

also totally fucking laughed my ass off even though shit was dramatic n sad during the scene where walter makes this face n falls to the ground bc i've seen the gif of the scene before i saw the actual episode n i've always found it funny :p


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Black is the color
and beauty is the game
the beasties come to get me
but I don't feel their pain
The hotel sign is flickering
and beckons from above
the master of my own domain
I sow my seeds of love
Your eyes burn like daggers
through the triumph of my will
your hands they smell like gasoline
they cause my love to spill
Fallacies, fallacies
all your lies won't set you free
fallacies, fallicies
The windy wind is blowing and the bed springs creak their tune
my cup is overflowing