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"Dont be fucking normal."
16 years old
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New blog dont ask

dog with a blog type shit in here. and im here to say that mikan from danganronpa 2 is one of the worst characters in the dr universe. shes annoying, stupid, weird, and has a stupid voice. shes hot as fuck. but if i ever saw her in real life its on site.. she cant even fight so it be amazing. SPOILERS FOR DR3 ANIME!!!!! she even KILLED my GIRL chiaki...like im in love with chiaki..you cant do that to someones waifu bro Xp! also liking her cause she was bullied... UHHHH welcome to DANGANRONPA where EVERYONE IS BULLIEDDDDD!!!! like EVERY danagnronpa charcter has been bullied in there past! DUMMY! your so STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! okay thank you.. will be talking about more character i hate in dr later.

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