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"Dont be fucking normal."
16 years old
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Im reading homestuck..heres how I feel.

if you dont care about homestuck or you dont wanna get spoiled dont read this plz. okay I just read like the first 2 acts of homestuck and im hooked..yeah thats it. honestly I havent even met Karkat or sollux but im in love. also Dave is too cool for school for me XD

-sincerely the high class loser.

More on me reading homestuck- its been like 2 days since ive finished act 2. so i got the ending of act 2 explained to me on redit- and now things are making sense. so outside of reading the comic i found out that theres a homestuck 2.. so thats fun. and im trying to learn the lyrics to the karkat song "karkalicious" and its going good! uhh thats it. also even tho i havent met him i kin karkat

Uh so update, i know no one really cares about this i just think its fun. anyway. so 1, i havent been reading homestuck(ive been playing a bunch of skyblock on hypixle- u should play it its amazing.) but i have seen something that i wish to never see again and thats....stridecest.. or whatever its called. basically its dave x bro- and i am DiSgUsTeD.
also ive met jane and i love her so much. oh yeah and i know all the lyrics to "karkalicious"- sooo yeah.

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Damn bro, you havent even met the trolls yet and you kin karkat? Lol