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"Life is a puzzle"
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Poetry time!

I´ve been writing poems for a while, I don´t like to see it as poems but more as random thoughts that invade me hehe, actually I hate some of them bc sounds really corny, anyways here are some of them:

  • My head spins
    your smile speeds up my heart
    and your eyes makes me fall apart

    old feelings falling sideways

    I have found my peace
    my desires
    swallowing my pain

    get rid of my old self
    devour my skin and drink my blood
    trace my veins with your tongue
    breathe me into your lungs

    bring me closer to your wings

This is another one:

  • This mayhem
    in my mind
    this feelings
    in my side

    and all this secrets
    are just plunging me into the strange line of confusion

    I´m not that kind of guy
    but sometimes
    I wish I was
    because all this time
    you´ve been always in my mind

    wondering you at the cusp
    would you be able to see it?

    But your innate beauty
    and the voice of yours
    makes me stumble
    with my own thoughts.

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wow don't hate the poems they're nice!! <3


beautiful, ;-;