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"i like plants. and rocks."
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Tik tok boom

Ngl I'm kind of mad at the site blowing up on tik tok because i just feel like the community isn't going to be the same. Although i don't think it will last for long. I'm in no way saying this website is boring but its not the most accessible to people with mobile and the features aren't that easy to work with compared to insta or other socials. Don't get me wrong those reasons are part of the reasons i like the site but i don't think its a website that most people will be willing to make long term contributions to. So after a few months i think it'll be (somewhat) the same as before. But with a whole lot more random nonactive accounts.

I've heard some rumors that the site might close but I've heard a lot of people say that it won't close. All we can do is wait ig. I've hada lot of fun tho so i hope it stays up.


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What koala sed


the site was never designed as a proper social media just another part of windows93..of course some one like jankenpopp doesnt have the rosurces to run a site like that.if any one joins with expectations of a constantly updating site with real ability to interact they are wrong
it will close one day but the time is not decided.probably a few months