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Run with the wind - a rant - spoilers !

I really liked the development of the characters especially prince and and nico. Honestly i feel like this anime did alot for the coverage of all characters. It was also good at shining light at the whole team while keeping a clear view that while Kakeru is the main character that he is also a part of the team. I also like that it was one of few that tried adding representation for poc. While the representation wasn't that accurate i do consider it to be an effort of some sort.

I think while it did not tackle too big of subjects it did make them present. Like how at first nico did not not think his body was good for the sport so he gave up and started smoking after he overcame those feelings he stopped smoking.But i'm happy they didn't just portray it as something that is easy to quit or like it just went "poof". Later in the show we see that nico does in fact sometimes have the urges but looks away from them because he wants to run for his team.

In the end i think it was really beautiful that kakeru saw haji as almost an embodiment of running and haji's love for running is the answer all along. While in haji's view we see that haji thinks of kakeru of everything he wanted to be and he thinks of kakeru as the answer. Finally we see kakeru run towards haji in a different view almost symbolizing how overall they saw each other as the answer. And their friendship is the viewer's answer.

Anyways thanks i just really wanted to talk abt it!

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