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do people know what dark souls is?

it's starting to concern me more and more. do people here know what Dark Souls is? a lot of people tell me that this page reminds them of a flash game or what not, but rarely have I ever seen a comment about it being Dark Souls. i get that most people here are from tik tok or old myspace, but surely people should know about the infamously brutal dark fantasy series. even the name is a meme itself: you could say "doing blank is the dark souls of blank", you know?
i really thought knowledge of the game would bleed into the community here a little, but out of almost 500 friends (thanks by the way guys, really cool milestone, only been here a short while too, all your pages are amazing and inspire me) i only know 1 or 2 profiles with dark souls mentioned or coded into their page, and I've helped and gotten help from those pages personally, namely reese and Bonk (thanks guys).
thoughts on this? do you know what Dark Souls is, and if so, do your friends? it would be cool to get a general idea of how well known the game is here.
that's it thanks

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I for one know what it is but not everyone plays videogames or are even good at them. Dark souls is a more little nesh and is only known as game that is hard just like hotline miami or Ninja Gaide. But yeah doesn't matter if people know it or not, this site is just about expressing yourself.


ive only played 3 witch you should kill me for playing but it was too hard for a filthy casual like me :(

also this guy does halo and dark souls mods so i think u might like him :)


The SkullZ

Of course I know what Dark Souls is. The game was so infamous it literally created it's own genre. Souls-like. Your page looks really cool btw.