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"Drink water always, we must stay hydrated boys"
18 years old
United States
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do people know what dark souls is?

it's starting to concern me more and more. do people here know what Dark Souls is? a lot of people tell me that this page reminds them of a flash game or what not, but rarely have I ever seen a comment about it being Dark Souls. i get that most people here are from tik tok or old myspace, but surely people should know about the infamously brutal dark fantasy series. even the name is a meme itself: you could say "doing blank is the dark souls of blank", you know?
i really thought knowledge of the game would bleed into the community here a little, but out of almost 500 friends (thanks by the way guys, really cool milestone, only been here a short while too, all your pages are amazing and inspire me) i only know 1 or 2 profiles with dark souls mentioned or coded into their page, and I've helped and gotten help from those pages personally, namely reese and Bonk (thanks guys).
thoughts on this? do you know what Dark Souls is, and if so, do your friends? it would be cool to get a general idea of how well known the game is here.
that's it thanks


firelink shrine

changed the page to resemble firelink shrine from ds1, i honestly like it a lot more now, easier on the eyes
also cool friend reese let me borrow their add and dm signs to resemble ds communication items, very cool
also super happy, 200 friend milestone, lets go
also i heard a lot of people here are from tik tok, is that true? i came here to practice css, recommended from a friend
also very cool very swag i like it :)
that's it thanks


been drinking ungodly amounts of water

i used to hate drinking water. i hated how lukewarm it was out of the faucet because i had no ice to put in it. and if i put ice in it, it hit my face and made my lips hurt after pressing into it for so long, so i never put ice in there. i avoided drinking water most of the time.
a year or two ago i got this neat ass vacuum-sealed yeti water bottle, so it's room temp on the outside regardless of the temp inside. it has this lid with a small, magnetic opening that makes it so you can drink iced water without the ice hitting your face, which was a major plus. and recently we got a fridge with an automatic ice machine, so i could get ice whenever i felt like it. and the vacuum seal is so good that you could refill the damn thing 2-3 times and the ice will still be there.
drinking iced water with that yeti bottle was such a different experience than drinking lukewarm water that it changed my perception of water entirely. drinking water was delicious and very enjoyable, and went well with any meal.
i now drink water constantly. i fill my water bottle every hour and down it instantly and fill it again, and my piss is usually crystal clear to the point where i can't see any tint at all. the ice machine here is empty usually because of me. i've only been eating 1-2 times a day and it's only because i don't feel like i need to anymore, because i feel the best i have in a long time. less headaches, more productivity, better digestion, better life. drinking water has saved me.
for any of you non-water enthusiasts, i beg you to reconsider. you just ain't drinking it right. soon you will understand the power of drinking water and staying hydrated. it'll change ya.
that's about it thanks


being super emo is cringeworthy

like don't get me wrong, emos are real hot, but don't make it your whole personality
the year 2000 was nice but nothing to pray to
would be cool to be born then, but then again, I enjoy the developments society and technology is making now
don't live in the past, the future is bright and inviting
that's it thanks


Made this place cooler

i shifted things around a bit, made everything invisible and put in the darksign

also megafauna are cool, we need those back