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"stan dambara ruru"
15 years old
United States
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any eurobeat fuckers here

hiiii sorry for dipping for like a month i forgot this place existed

anyway i made an idol eurobeat playlist, idk if anyone likes that here but if u wanna listen it's on 8tracks. i'm kinda mad tho cuz i had to leave out 2 tracks bc of copyright but oh well. eurobeat fucking slaps btw i wish it was still around except for being a nostalgia thing, a gyaruru revival would be a cultural reset tbh

ugh i have an 8 page essay due tmrw that i've only written a paragraph of so i gotta speedrun that later, which sucks but it's what i get for procrastinating. also idk when school's starting but i know it's gonna be ass since it's my junior year AND it's all online and i am Not looking forward to it rip. hopefully it isn't that bad but i'm anticipating the worst

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OMG srry for the late reply lol i forgot to approve the comment, but i did the essay!!! idk what grade i got but i finished it like a day after posting this thank god

Jaden Desmond

how did the essay go?