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"yes, it's only natural."

Gender Nonconforming
16 years old
United States
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About me:

still trying to figure out how this works </3

pfp is not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally cannot find where I got it from DSGLKLSD

still working on my layout and page btw!

name(s): gonta, neo
pronouns: it/its, worm/wor
gender identity labels: cassgender, cisn't, androgyne, genderfluid, genderqueer, nonbinary, etc. (i really dont know)
sexuality labels: sapphic, gay, grey-asexual, idk
current hyperfixations: will wood, psychology, webcore/old web, analyzing music/lyrics lol
likes: worms, glitter graphics, minecraff, music, cats, like all animals
dislikes: arguing, strong smells, intentionally insensitive people
comforts: gonta gokuhara (character), gonta gokuhara x korekiyo shinguji (pairing/ship), kurtis conner, cavetown, april fools (album by the scary jokes), anything already mentioned under the hyperfixation category :p, parappa the rapper
(main) kins: gonta gokuhara lol, jataro kemuri, mikan tsumiki, himiko yumeno, tsumugi shirogane, lain iwakura, mai tsurugi, kedamono, tenko chabashira, chiaki nanami, nepeta leijon, jade harley, my melody


Who I'd like to meet:

dig boys. you know, dig boys , children of the drill ?? /q

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hey u seem so cool and id love to dm you but i dont want to make you anxious so i just wanted to pass by to say that your page is amazing and feel free to add me on discord (should be on my page) or dm me here <3

hope ur day is going great!!!


tysm :> i appreciate it


ahh i love your page, especially your pfp ! <3