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"Get money fuck bitches πŸ’” love frogs 🐸"

69 years old
United States
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About me:

Sup I'm Tyler

  • eat ass for a living


My Instagram is b4byfr0g as well so 🐸🐸🐸

  • sk8r boi
  • eat the rich ✨
    β€’Β°β˜† acab β˜†Β°β€’
    β”‚Current Fave song ᝰ┆
    β””β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” - [ πŸ“Ό ]. +
    ⌦ NEVER MET!

Over throw the government !!!
~ love all frogs
~ save bugs

៚ · k4nd1 k1d

˚.ΰΌ„| sweater weather type beat Β·πŸ•Έ

Who I'd like to meet:

Leafy greenLeafy greenLeafy greenLeafy greenLeafy greenBroccoliCucumberITS CRAZY!!!!!!! Leafy greenCucumberBroccoliLeafy greenLeafy greenAHHHHHH!!!! Leafy greenLeafy greenLeafy greenCucumberBroccoliITSA COMIN!!!!!!!! Leafy greenLeafy greenBroccoliBroccoliCucumberCucumberHERE IT COMES!!!!!!! BroccoliBroccoliBroccoliCucumberLeafy greenAND IT IS CRAAAAZY!!!!!! CucumberCucumberCucumberLeafy greenBroccoliAHHHHH!!!!!BroccoliBroccoliBroccoliBroccoliBroccoliCucumberLeafy greenLeafy greenLOOK

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