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"Fun Is Good"

22 years old
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Song: y2mate.com - DAPHNI featuring PARADISE Sizzling

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About me:

Hey there, im Mooly.
I love art of all kinds, cuz you never know what the next thing you find will be like. Its like a mystery box with endless (even contradictory) possibilities 📦
I also love making art of all kinds. Even your own art can surprise you... you just gotta peek into the box and be ready to get your hands dirty 📦

My profile pic is from the 1955 melodrama "All That Heaven Allows", one of my favorite movies. Just look at that image, its so intense!!

I recently wrote a spooky short story: http://dcrs.xyz/postanthropology/hearttears.php

Who I'd like to meet:

Any (adult) who thinks we'd get along :-)

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