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"im a Asuka kinnie"

15 years old
United States
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Song: bo burnham socko drops some truth bombs

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About me:

About me!
Hello world♲︎︎⚠︎, my name is peach I came here to make a cute profile but it was to hard for me. So instead I'm gonna tell you about me! ❀
-i love zombie shows I've just started on some ❀
-im a big fan of neon genesis evangelion❀
-Im in love with cough drops there so good love em! ❀
-Fave songs rn are,
❥︎Motion sickness
❥︎bleached hair in despair
❥︎To be a princess
❥︎and of course neon genesis evangelion opening theme ❀

Who I'd like to meet:

Noone over the age of 17 please... you scare me, Just looking for some people to play minecraft with.

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P.o.v me you taco bell we get tacos like normal people, we eat our food while jaming out to bleach hair in despair by smalltown great song. We're on the highway, I'm driving, it's the middle of the night I'm wearing my sunglasses makes me look cool. You point out a cliff I drive to it, you get out of the car, I get out of the car. You walk up to the side of the cliff I walk up to you put my hand on your back. I push you I snort out, "expect the unexpected when loving a asuka kinnie." I take off my sunglasses and wink at you while your falling.