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15 years old
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Song: Suckin on my Tiddies

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About me:

Just your average rave slut! ;)

Just kidding but I wouldn't mind, haha. I am quite a whore sometimes tho so please stop me if I ever go to far cause when I start it's quite hard for me to stop. It's hard to explain! :( I am a snowflake too tho. I am a 15 year old Swedish bisexual with a few good friends, a boyfriend and lots of online friends. Kermit is my husband and that's my personality trait <3 I do a lot of stuff in my day and it's gotten me wanting to get some help cause I think I have some kind of mental disorder. I'm not one for self-diagnosis tho so I won't say what I think I have since if it's wrong it could be quite disrespecful. I have really bad issues with being alone as I do suffer from PTSD ( part of the 93% iykyk ) I also play lots of games! I mostly play VRChat and Roblox ( I know I'm childish ). I do get myself around to playing FPS but usally nothing more than Overwatch since the Fps games I enjoy ( CSGO and Rainbow ) are filled with '' The Boyzz '' who are selfcentered pricks who are so afraid of being labled a simp they have to just be a complete asshole. ;-; In VRChat I do use Vr and I have fullbody tracking! So if you ever feel like playing I'm down!

I will remind you I do have a boyfriend so if you wish to be anything closer than friends then you will have to know my boyfriend and make sure he is comfortable and trusting of you. ( His rules not mine <3 )

Favorite Movie: Ready Player One, Howls Moving Castle, Alita Battle Angel and Breakfast Club

Favorite show: Sao: alicization - war of the underworld, Sk8, Sailor Moon, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure and maybe Extraodinary You,

Favorite Game: Rainbow, VRChat, Roblox, Sally Face, Any Assassin screed game, Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil: Village - big booba lady <3

Favorite Food: I actually enjoy healthy food a lot but rn I'm not eating much. . . Gum and water :D

Console: Xbox 360, Xbox One S, PC ( have a Legion C730-19ICO ), Nintendo Switch and VR ( ig? )

Who I'd like to meet:

Someone that cares.

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S-s-s-s sucking on my tiddays :)


omgggg the mp3 its i- bvjehmvfdm pls i love it