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"je t'aime :O"

100 years old
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About me:

   jace ! other names: Pux, Jax, Oak.

pronouns: zie/he, (zie/zir/zirs, he/him/his) they/them is fine too!
i'm a non binary guy! I like mcyt, minecraft, twitch, anime ect.
i would say my aesthetic is a mix of dreamcore, grunge & fairycore!
I'm a satanist and I practice witchcraft!
star: libra, rising & moon sag <3333
intp-t! my favorite color is currently red & sage !
other socials:
pVx5#3578 on discord,
pvx_5 on instagram,
besty1af1 on pinterest.
GMT+1 timezone!

Who I'd like to meet:

people with the same interests as me!

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