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"Self-expression is essential to life."

Cisgender Woman
14 years old
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Song: yt1s.com - How Soon Is Now 2008 Remaster

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About me:

  • I regret many things that I've done or saidd...
  • I fall in love too quickly or just randomly (I a lot of romanticize people)
  • I can hate myself and after second having good time with myself 8o
  • My biggest love are alternative music, (Fun fact I found indie music as a not my favourite one and I really hate music from 10's) listening to my grandfather's stories :O, rainy weather!!! and I'm so in love with The Smithss
  • My pronous are she/her!
  • I'm an INFP - yes even with the right one test I've got INFP
  • I'm totally PANsexual and I think Asexual
  • Probably a cool teenager weirdo, but then turnes into an str8 normal girl hfdhgfuhvcjvh
  • I used to love everyone now I'm mad at everyone lol (I don't like a word "lol")
  • My favourite bands aree: The Smiths, The Cure, Blur, Nirvana, Pixies - from the most listened to
  • I'm a bad at watching series, because they quickly become boring for me. But I'm at 3rd season of OITNB! And I really really love it (besides the 18+ scenes don't worry xD) and my favourites are... Nicky, Morello, Poussey, Red, Sister Ingalls, all of the old grannies! I hope it wasn't a spoiler...
  • Oh and I also love movie named "Fifth Element" - Leeloo on profile picture 8) and not connected with this movie, but also love The Sims 2
  • The most important fact of me... I have no idea how to do CSS! And have a cool website on myspace lmao
  • I don't like to talk, I just listen, but when it is a night I have a weird and long dialouge with my mom!
  • My wishes are to not be like everyone, but not be a freak lmao, umm love myself and other people, be more honest!
  • I think that I'm usually too serious, but when I actually start to feel comfortable with it I become a funny dumbass - excuse me World?
  • I think that almost everything in our lifes was ment to be like that... That's why I'm a lazy person! Lmao
  • I'm rather a grouchy person (at least now) than a nice one, my personality is a crazy old granny!

Who I'd like to meet:

All the characters from What's Eating Gilbert Grape <3, Kurt Cobain - it is not a bad joke about being suicidal:O, maybe all of the Blur memebers? :O Noodle and Murdoc from Gorillaz, Keith Richards for fun lmao, Casey from atypical maybe - it's very random I know :P

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zoldyckmii and アウレリウス welcome! lmao


ty for liking it<3
have a nice day


Thanks 4 the add!