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"I have an unhealthy obsession with block men"

Cis Female
13 years old
United States
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Song: feelz - lil peep

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About me:

Hi lol O-o

She/her, cishet </3

Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Aries rising ^-^

I'll add more later once I figure out how the hell this website works xd

I like mcyt/dsmp :P

I own cat ears >:3

I've seen Death Note and some Ouran Highschool Host Club but I wouldn't say I'm a huge anime fan :T

Proud tsundere >:)

twt: @fxckdnf
Disc: Toaster#3598 (Add me!)

ps: if you know how to change the color of the header with all the buttons to go to other pages on it, please tell me cuz i cannot figure it out >_<

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone! :3
Hmu if you have Minecraft java, I need more people to play with >.<
Feel free to DM me any time!

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thanks for the add! :)



Nice to meet you! This song choice is supreme <3

Master Chief