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Kaija Owens

"In twenty years time I'll either be dead, in jail"

14 years old
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Song: Merry Go Round of Life - Howl's Moving Castle (Joe Hisaishi)

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About me:

I'm not the most interesting person but I'll give what I can. My preferred name is Kaija but you can call me Kai. I use He/Him and They/Them pronouns (mostly they/them). I like creative writing, I think I'm pretty good at it. I like Sharks and Crocodiles. Favourite colour is yellow. I like anime and reading books. Not sure if this is important but I kin Bakugou, Tendou, Shiro (from VLD), Jack Sparrow and Deadpool.
Some of my favourite tv shows are Gravity falls, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Adventure time, Over the garden wall, We bare bears and She-ra. I like Pirates of the Caribbean, Abominable, Spongebob square pants, The Dragon Prince, both Rio movies, Pete’s dragon (the old and new), Big Hero 6 and all of the studio ghibli movies. Don’t judge me, I’m still a child.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone that is willing to talk to me that is not Transphobic, Homophobic or Racist. I don't ask for much, just those three things and respect.

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