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"I exist, definitely."

17 years old
United States
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Song: Gupi - Modest

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About me:

Hi!! I'm Lonely! I'm still trying to figure out how this works, send help pls.
I'm 17, cis female, pan, and poly! I'm really shy, so please message first, I won't U-U
I update my mp3 every week, and I'm online almost every day!
I wanna have a cool glitchcore page so baaaaaad >-<


⭐︎ Mcyt!!!
❤︎ Tommyinnit
❤︎ Wilbur Soot
❤︎ Dream
❤︎ BadBoyHalo
❤︎ Etc.

⭐︎ Music!!!
❤︎ Msi
❤︎ 100 gecs
❤︎ Lemon Demon
❤︎ food house
❤︎ Ghost Town
❤︎ Wilbur soot UwU
❤︎ Speedcore and hyperpop ❤︎

⭐︎ Games!!!
❤︎ Minecraft
❤︎ Subnautica
❤︎ Your Turn To Die
❤︎ Portal & Portal two
❤︎ Drawn To Life
❤︎ Beat Saber

⭐︎ Shows!!!
❤︎ Invader Zim
❤︎ Unus Annus (Memento Mori, RIP)
❤︎ Dream SMP
❤︎ HunterxHunter
❤︎ Kill La Kill
❤︎ The Promised Neverland

Who I'd like to meet:

Pretty much anybody with similar interests!
(And hey, if you're poly too...maybe we could...idk...hold hands? O///O)

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