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"did i apply autonomy and modify a lot of me"

16 years old
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Song: mr. capgras encounters a secondhand vanity - wwat

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About me:

layout is currently a wip

my name is frank

  • pronouns are (mainly) he/they, neos are linked
  • queer highschooler from ontario, canada
  • mixed (indigenous/romani and yt)
  • host of an osdd-1b system


  • generally yucky (homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc.)
  • systemphobic, believe systems can control the sources fictives split from, support endogenic/fake systems, or fake-claim traumagenic systems
  • send (or support ppl who send) death-threats or doxx pll over ships/fictional fanworks they hyperfixate on or use to cope (looking @ you, antis)
  • i wholeheartedly support nonbinary lesbians, lesbians who don't use she/her, and other neopronoun userz. if you dont, kindly fuck off
  • if you don't support blm. what tf are you doing??
  • transmed/truscums go away


  • im neurodivergent and use tone indicators often! please try to use them as well :]
  • i reclaim slurs often so if that makes u uncomfy, maybe dont add (/nm, just for ur own safety)

css credit: ty sophie!! i used some of her stuff as a base, check out her coding

Who I'd like to meet:

  • fags (/rec)
  • will wood and/or moral orel fans
  • you ig /lh
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