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"B33 < claw claw meowtherfuckers!!!"

16 years old
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Song: crapface - purrfect ☆

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About me:

B33 < cat v. dog / it's all kicking off!


B33 < my name is davepetasprite^2 or just davepeta!!

  • pronouns are (mainly) they/meow, pronouny linked
  • this isn't an rp or kin account, i am a fictive of davepetasprite & them irl! pls dni if u factkin me
  • you can add the system host, frank, here!! more info abt rot and the body is over there

B33 < dni if u

  • are generally yucky (homophobic/transphobic/racist/TERF/etc.)
  • r systemphobic, believe systems can control the sources fictives split from, support endogenic/fake systems, or fake-claim traumagenic systems
  • send (or support ppl who send) death-threats or doxx pll over ships/fictional fanworks/bands they hyperfixate on (looking @ you, antis)
  • think any fictional content counts as csem/cp??
  • like ybc
  • fetishize queer and/or disabled ppl
  • regularly get into june/john egbert discourse, i think they can both co-exist in diff universes! :]
  • are/support MAPs/NOMAPs

B33 < byf

  • im neurodivergent and use tone indicators often! please try to use them as well
  • i reclaim slurs often so if that makez u uncomfy, maybe dont add (/nm, just for ur own safety)
  • i sometimes use my typing quirk
  • i wholeheartedly support nonbinary lesbians, lesbians who don't use she/her, and other neopronoun userz. if you dont, please dni

B33 < css credit: ty danny!! go add hymn

Who I'd like to meet:

B33 < purrends! (fwiends!!)
B33 < jade harley kinnies/fictives! i miss her sm
B33 < other ppl who like dorian electra, kikuo, s3rl, or just hypurrpop in general!!

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