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Ze Booze


14 years old
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Song: Level of Concern - twenty one pilots

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About me:

Hi, I don't want to use my name here at all, just call me Ze Booze anytime. I don't really know what to do here.. I just wandered around on the internet and I found windows 93, and here I am..

My interests are very random, Twenty One Pilots, Vocaloids and UTAUs, some anime, Monster Hunter, God Eater, lo-fi sutff, foxes, raccoons, ferrets (no, I'm not a furry.. I just love them), Poppy (I feel weird), watermelons, bananas, I could go on but nvm.
I'm not that good at introductions, and I'm kind of socially awkward to new people I meet, even in the internet, so that sucks..

I have a youtube channel, you could check it out if you don't mind weird content. Just search my name and it'll show up..

Who I'd like to meet:

Fwiends I could talk to? I'm still kind of shy though

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