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"Rawr xD Heyooo"

15 years old
United Kingdom
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Song: Crazy Frog - Axel F (Official Video)

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About me:

Haiii im Michi n im trans boi (he/him pronouns pls) xD Nice to meetz u !!!! i liek scene n emo fashion type stuffz n i like anime. My fave anime is seraph of the end, fave colourz r blck, blu, pink,,,, uuu okeez lets jus say rainbow LOLOL i wish it was 2007 again butz is not sadly
OH I LUVV DINOSAURS TOO. idk what else to say rn so baiii

Who I'd like to meet:

Lotsa cool peeps who arent 87 year old crreeps..... lolzzz

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