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"I make nonsense I make no sense "

19 years old
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Song: репер Зеник - gonduras

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About me:

biggest pizza face this side of the Universe.
certified Skryabin scholar
bad music excuser
russian chanson academic revisionist
metal pipe falling sound effect 1 connoisseur
weird video shit enjoyer
creepy ghost
a spiritual being
drunk master sober fantaster
basically a rat
for all purposes non-existent

twi: https://twitter.com/gates_cemetry
discord: nerty#6277
rym: https://rateyourmusic.com/~nerty_

Who I'd like to meet:

rats, glass pieces, trashcans, music enjoyers, music ballers, a baller, an average man, a florida man, an average 2016 albanian, a girl, girls, enbies, maybies, charli xcx, bladee to ask him why did he tell me he will look too german in his kicks in a dream i gotta know

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