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"Reiner, are we doing this? Right here, right now?"

Gender Fluid
69 years old
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Song: Eyedress - Jealous (Lyrics)

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About me:

YEAHHH I'm an Attack on Titan fan! (My fave character is Bertholdt obviously 😳😳)

My pronouns change from time to time, since it dpends on what I'm feeling at that moment, but you can just use They/Them for if you don't know what my pronouns are atm! Feel free to message me to ask what my pronouns are <3

You can call me Bertholdt!

I'm not a Bertholdt kinnie sadly, that's just my theme, though I kin Jean, Hange, Moblit, and Nanaba!

PLSPLS I just made this account for fun LMAO

Confused on whether I'm an INFP-T or ESFP LMAO

Honestly if you're nervouss to interact with me, dw I am too !! Stay swaggy y'all

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone is welcome! But don't interact if you're;

DNI: nsfw/kink, ddlg, minor in kink, pedophile/map, anti-lgbtq+, TERFs and exclusionists

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