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Trans Man
16 years old
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Song: Locket-Crumb

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About me:

He/him. Carrd¿ https://annyuuu.carrd.co/

I like to draw a lot.
I want to learn as much languages as i can bcs its fun, currently learning french.
My fav mangas are Chainsaw Man, Twin Star Exorcist, Innocent Rouge and more.
My spotify playlist ooh: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5ivWigUlBDoGgW5SKwyCu8?si=c48290fbec704140
Recommend me music pls

My discord: .˚🍨Abel.#3362
Feel free to dm me (Esp/eng)!

Servidor hispanohablante, exclusivo para chicos y no binaries masc mlm!: https://discord.gg/hdDvnQ266P

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone idk

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