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"This is my second account. Main one in the bio."

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101 years old
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Song: OMORI OST - 177 Good Morning

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My main account : https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=57817.

This account's sole purpose is to test customising. Or to help fwiends customise their account, so message me with details!
If you are here for the therapy, feel free to stop by the comment section, you can talk about anything! If you want, you can message me to vent and if you want me to, I can reply with a positive and/or helpful advice (keep in mind that I am not a therapist, so it is better to always seek help fom a professional adult)! You can stay for as long as you would like. Take your time.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..- .-.-.-

Who I'd like to meet:


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