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"well im here... now what?"

Gender Fluid
12 years old
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Song: Nya-arigato-You-can-eat-the-girl-Loop-5min_wfSv1fnQPnc

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About me:

.:>so...you might know me from tiktok. Now hear me out, i never actually said anything about me. So let me make this staight... my name is Hooni/Buggx, im genderfluid and bisexual.I am 12 yo and my birthday is on Jan 24th. My pronouns are he/they/bugg. Yes, I watch anime and read mangas. My comfort character is Hooni from 'Suicide Boy'. Hope you all become my friends!!<:.
.:-I am from Romania. If you find that weird please leave ^^:.
.:-Probably mentally unstable :/:.
.:-I kinda hate my parents tbh :v:.
.:-I play video games!! My personal fav's are: osu!, sims4, roblox and minecraft.:.
.:-Please block me if you are: racist, homophobic, transphobic, don't support ACAB, don't support BLM and more...^^:.
.:-I have swag:.

my socialz:
tiktok: @w31rd0.c0m

Who I'd like to meet:

.:>swag people<:.

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suicide boy is so GOOD :))