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"yeah im a furry, shut up about it already <3"

13 years old
United States
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Song: The Fox's Wedding (Remix) English Sub

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About me:

lmao my gender is actually Genderfae but furry is the closest option-
the only thing i can do decently is to draw- mainly furries, but i do humans/humanoids/feral animals too hh

Name - Minty or icuii
Pronouns - They/Them
Sexuallity - Pansexual
Zodiac Sign - Aquarius
Favorite Artists/Bands - Cavetown - Jack Stauber - Mother Mother - Oliver Tree - Sub Urban
Favorite Shows - BFDI/BFB - The Owl House - Steven Universe - MHA -TBHK

icon is drawn by me !
i add everyone back btw <//3
Sites/Commissions/Info - https://quiblii.carrd.co

Who I'd like to meet:

possible friends...?
preferably people who are 12-18 ;;
if your nice to me then ill be nice to you-
someone who isnt racist/homophobic/transphobic etc
if we have similar music taste then we're good dude
fellow artists/animators

people who can see different perspectives on a problem and not just one-

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Thanks 4 the add!