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"Call me Meat or Maggot"

20 years old
United States
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Song: The Caretaker - It's just a burning memory (2016)

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About me:

designated used syringe kin, I promise I wont steal your teeth and eat your liver in your sleep then leave you to wake up in a ditch <3.

i just wanted to try and make one of these pages, they seem really cool,don't really have a social life as of right now but id like to meet some pals.

im into weirdcore,glitchcore anything dark or unsettling pretty much but lol i wouldn't mind pastels either.

I do art like, i have average drawing skill idk,

anyway i like gore,slashers,horror,pastel gore,uhhh i like more stuff but i dont wanna list

anyway , sorry im using your intestines as a replacement to noodles <3

Who I'd like to meet:

Alt friends and artists, Lol. I just wanna vibe.

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