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"give up on your dreams and die"

13 years old
United Kingdom
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Song: My Demons - Starset

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About me:

✘ the names jada/anti
✘ she/her
✘ bisexual
✘ someone help me with css
✘ cosplayer
✘ minecraft twitch streamer
✘ i listen to mother mother, the neighbourhood, mcr, three days grace, arctic monkeys, pierce the veil, wilbur soot, ricky montgomery, bring me the horizon, yungblud
✘ my highest kins: nagito komaeda, kokichi ouma, satori tendou, kenma kozume, yuu nishinoya, koutarou bokuto, katsuki bakugou, kotoko utsugi, kyouka jirou, mikan tsumiki, light yagami, L, ryuk

Who I'd like to meet:

✘ feel free to add me

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