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Clay goes feral

"be gay commit crimes"

101 years old
United Kingdom
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About me:

Heya my name is clay!
I like danganronpa, mcyt, video games, music, anime and drawing

I really like glitch core and other bright aesthetics!

Some of the artists i listen to are AJJ, Mitski, Ricky Montgomery, Girl in red (heads up i am not a girl nor lesbian that i know of), Pierce the vail, mindless self indulgence (i dont support them), IC3PEAK, Melanie Martinez, Glass animals, McCafferty (i dont support them), The neighbourhood, Mother Mother, Artic Monkeys, Rob Zombie, Gorillaz. Those are just a few and im open to recommendations!

I am trans and pansexual as well as poly!
i go by He/him as well as neopronouns!

I am down to play videogames with anyone just shoot me a message to let me know and we can play!

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who would help me with css thingy because im new, mcyt watchers, anime watchers, minecraft players

And any lgbtq+ member :D

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Hello Clay! Have a glorious day! :D


glub!! hello clay! :D


You seem like a nice and interesting personĀ”! :D