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18 years old
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Song: Slowdive - Sleep

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About me:

my spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/jlee6505 (link doesn't work, just look up: jlee6505 username is seraph)

▻ highest kin is basil from omori (other kins in order: ibuki mioda, albedo, marceline, miyamura)
▻ i play genshin (albedo/diluc main)
▻ also other games,,, osu, minecraft, bandori, life is strange, danganronpa, yakuza, fnf, vr chat, etc.
▻ i draw sometimes
▻ plant care :>
▻ i like lots of music genres (bjork, laura les, malice mizer, grimes, yves tumor, babymetal, deftones, bmth, yameii, jvnko (sewerslvt), kikuo, p!atd, mcr, the gazette, acro jazz laboratories, loona, sawano hiroyuki, kate bush, mf doom, mixed matches, hako yamazaki, and other artists on spotify/soundcloud)
▻ i change my bgm often
▻ discord: seraph#8744 feel free to msg me anytime, i am almost always on
▻ let's be friends! msg on discord and i will play any game you got multiplayer on with you. /srs
▻ down to talk about anything
▻ one day i'll figure out how to edit shit on this site

wip <3

Who I'd like to meet:

anybody except Tom 🙄
<3 i'd love to draw with you if you do draw<3
<3 literally call me on discord, we can draw together <3

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