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""Give up on your dreams and die" 🖤"

Transgender Male
101 years old
United States
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About me:

Favorite ♪ Anime/Shows

  • Attack On Titan♥️
    -Toilet Bound Hanako-kun♥️
    -Tokyo Ghoul♥️
    -Black Butler♥️
    -Vampire Knight♥️
    -Death Note♥️
    -Darling In The Franxx♥️
    -Bungou Stray Dogs♥️
    -Fruits Basket♥️
    -True Beauty♥️
    -Big mouth♥️
    -Rick and Morty♥️
    Favorite Manga
    -S*icide boy♥️
    -Blood sacrifice♥️
    -Vampire knight♥️
    LGBTQ+ community✨

    Mixed Aesthetics?✨

    ♥️Cosplays a bit♥️
    ~That one trashy kid~
    ♥️Supports People♥️
    ~Might Hate ya lol depends~
    Snap-xoxoblody.h Instagram-zxnes._.devil Discord- Zxnes.devil#6069

Who I'd like to meet:

10-19 Please♥️
Discord , Instagram , snapchat?♥️
Support people and lgbtq+ community♥️
No racial, LGBTQ+, or any slurs please♥️
Stay the f*ck away if you are animesexual , heatsexual , dracosexual or any bull like that:)♥️

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Yo tbh you should add me bc I'm just swag like that lol✨