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"You are fire your dress is fire"

16 years old
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Song: Yellow Magic Orchestra - Mad Pierrot (1978)

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About me:

I saw her in a dream once again...
...and although she was covering her face with her hands, I saw that her lips were oozing blood. I saw blood trickling from beneath her eyelids and glittering in the cracks of her desiccated palms.

I heard her mumble through her fingers, "This is not the crowd that seeks me now, not these mindlessly fervent people I came to love so much, not them, but two demons, two destroyers, armed to their teeth and devoid of human compassion! They hate me even more than they loathe each other, they want nothing more than my death."
(for like,actual info abt me,my name's Mara and im 15,i dont really know what to put here but i like plants and video games. I dont really know what pronouns fit me,but im fine w she/her and he/him)

Who I'd like to meet:

cool people :3

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