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"Heya, How's It Goin?"

101 years old
United States
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Song: The Seatbelts - Cats on Mars

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About me:

I'm a catgirl uwu ฅ(•ㅅ•❀)ฅ. No but rlly I'm an artist, I mostly make comics and cartoons and bullshit, lol.
*✿❀Shit that is funky fresh❀✿*
-Pastel Pink
-Soft Things
-Harajuku Fashion
-Fantasy bullshit
-Sweet things
-A e s t h e t i c
*✿❀Shit that is Not Cool, Dude❀✿*
-Transphobes, racists, republicans, all those scums
*✿❀My Obsessions/Fandoms❀✿*
-Hazbin Hotel
-Black Butler
-Steven Universe (only the first couple seasons tho i never got to finish it ;-;)
-Adventure Time
-Demon Slayer
-And Many More!!
*✿❀Extra Shit❀✿*
-I don't really think it matters but in case ur curious I'm a Panromantic Asexual
-My Tumblr is rosecat-uwu go follow me if you'd like, though I don't post very often
-my YouTube is Rosecat Concord, I'm not v active there either but I plan to post there relatively soon mayhaps

Who I'd like to meet:

Idk man, other artists mayhaps, just cool ppl who wanna vibe for the most part

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love your art style :O


yay i like cats to ☺