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"Hi! My name is Fish my pronouns are They/Them"

1 years old
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Song: CaramellDansen (Full Version + Lyrics)

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About me:

I enjoy art, anime, music. I'm also in the punk and scene subcultures currently researching goth. I enjoy writing and reading too!:) My favorite anime character is Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo ghoul <3. I hope ill find some cool people on here! I decided to not tell my country nor my name due to privacy reasons. Oh and i forgot to mention some stuff! I enjoy playing game too! :> Games such as Genshin impact, Identity V, minecraft, yttd etc. My zodiac sign is Virgo and my MBTI is ENFP

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet someone with the same interests as me and someone who would value my privacy if i chose to not say some stuff about my personal life

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roger's turd spoon

love the background,,,, thx 4 the add lovey!


Love the pf thx 4 adding back! ^^


Thanks 4 the add!