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venus qweruwu420

""shabat shalom motherfuckers!""

14 years old
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Song: Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance But It's Let's Get It Started by The Black Eyed Peas

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About me:

Hello darlings!
my name is Venus, I'm 14 so GO AWAY PEDOS! We don't want you here >:(
https://pronouny.xyz/u/venusqwe345 - my pronouny, btw i'm bisexual
INFP, gemini, ravenpuff, chaotic neutral
i like alternative culture and in my fnaf phase, so if you like alt music/culture, or play/like fnaf, let's talk! :)
i play guitar and bass, but if I could, I would play the saxophone too! It seems like such a cool instrument :D
my music taste is mostly everything, but mostly the cure, ALI, mother mother, joy division, gorillaz, will wood and the tapeworms, megadeth, joe hisaishi, black sabbath, iron maiden, day6 and japanese 80s songs.
i like playing minecraft, stardew valley, calico cat cafe, and undertale (no spoilers please!) and watching markiplier playing fnaf because I am afraid of the jumpscares.
i am also a weeb! I watched a few, but I adore beastars ,ohshc and miss kobayashi's dragon maid but I have a LOT on my watch list.
cartoons are also a big part of my life, especially steven universe, gravity falls, and happy tree friends, again, a lot are on my watchlist!

all yours,
babooshka (please get this reference)

Who I'd like to meet:

fwiends, weebs, furrys, punks, goths, and you, because you deserve having someone to talk to!

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we share a lot of interests, awesome page B)


thx 4 the add! ur page is very cool x3

emokittyqueen17 -_-

Thx for the add!! i love ur page <3