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"Oikawa does have cake you just have to squint"

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13 years old
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Song: Vampire Weekend - Campus (Album)

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About me:

Hey Hey Hey! Im Aslan


I watch anime


Im a introverted extrovert but I talk a lot--


and im kinda cool (i think)so lets be friends !


I gave up on trying to make a background <//3


add me on discord ! (my @ changes a lot so i'll be updating this frequently) haruka is a part-time twink wbk #5024


my minecraft userr: superhelpergirl


also some artists I listen to: Ricky Montgomery, BTS, Conan Gray, Pierce The Veil, Vampire Weekend, Mother Mother, Mitski , Mezzo , Re:vale , Hypnosis Mic(All artists tbh), Girl in Red, King Princess, Beach Bunny, Joji, Clem Turner, The Honeysticks


and my favorite songs rn: All I wanted, As the world caves in, Line without a hook, This december, Candy, Campuus, A match into water, dynamite, mirai note wo kandate, associate, perfection gimmick, since you been gone

Who I'd like to meet:

Cool ppl my age (no trump supporters and anti lgbtq+ yall are ass<3)

Fellow Anime Watchers !!

Alt ppl (yall are cool asf be my friends please-)

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