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"use ur twitch primes on twitch.tv/jschlatt"

69 years old
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Song: Lemon Demon - Dance Like An Idiot

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About me:

probably not gunna finish this till after christmas and sit on my ass
(im now workin on it :KISS:)
stole this name so the simps couldnt get it <3
doing gods work over here take notes :))))
i havw no idea what this is dm me if you want youll look cringe dming someone with a bland page
btw. yes i kinda know how to work css i promise it wont be shit forever. pls dm me pls
aha ;;))))
btw my names schlatt for ironic purposes on this website hello
btw, if you actually like south park and think its an amazing show with great graphics and amazing plot line please dm me and explain what the fuck is going through your mind you sick son of a bitch i swear to god south park has been the worst thing ive ever experienced in my life didnt that kenny guy get shot once or a lot of times i dont know i watched it when i was like 8 and now im fucking on the verge to burn my computer and never look at eric cartmans fat. fucking ass ever again and the other shit for brains fucking jew shif/hj maybe
ANYWAYS. add me on my fucking main where i stole this css from asshats fuck you

Who I'd like to meet:

hot sexies and chads
btw dunno if chads a real place, i just thought is was kinda funny sorry if it is one >:T

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