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"Pleased to meet you."

18 years old
United States
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Song: Ricky Montgomery - Mr Loverman (Official Lyric Video)

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About me:

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Current Status

Mildly upset.

About This Blog

As much as I love my rainbow layout, sometimes I'd like a much needed break from the chaos. As such, this is a place for me to write and vent to my hearts content. Feel free to read what I have to say... or don't. The choice is yours, really.
I promise I'm not mean or rude. This is very much the same person from SP4RKL3D0GG13, just with a more serious hat on.
Please check out my tag list for content I may post.
I'd like to avoid minors at all costs on this account. The amount of 13/14 year-olds trying to add me is baffling.
Once I write enough, a blog archive link will be posted below. I plan to make it interconnected through all of my accounts, a simple little hub for each of my creations.

Tag List

Here is a list of the things I tag my blog posts with, along with all of their meanings. I can add more as requested, (within reason, of course). Just shoot me a PM. Some of these may seem self explanatory, but I want to be clear about my blog contents.
[General] or [Gen] - Post has no triggering or upsetting content, regardless of other tags.
[Image] or [Img] - Post includes images or is an image.
[Rant] - Post has an angry tone (generally) + could be long-winded.
[Vent] - Post has a sad/depressing tone (generally) + could involve personal issues.
[NSFW] - Post is sexual or exceedingly inappropriate compared to others I've written.
[TW:___] - Post contains uncensored triggering content, listed in the blank.
[CW:___] - Same as [TW], but with requested media/content not typically considered triggering.
[Kin] - Post contains kin related topics. I typically do not use inval warnings.
[KS:___] - Post was written during a kinshift (listed character) + may be from the character's perspective.
[OC] - An unrelated short text/story I felt like writing/sharing. It is not about me or my personal life.
[Prompt] - Writing inspired by a prompt, typically not about me.
[Ask] - Answering a question publicly, typically in enough detail for a normal post + may be in character.


Commenting under my posts is allowed, so long as you are respectful. I may tag posts I don't want responses on.
Constructive criticism is allowed, but only on posts tagged in a way that indicates they are not about me or my personal struggles.
My mailbox is open, especially if you have any tag requests, prompts, or questions for me.
If you are rude or short with me, chances are I will not be nice in return. I do not tolerate hate and anger.


!!! = Eyestrain Warning
Carrd - My main Carrd. Read through it if nothing else on this page before interacting, please.
Pronouny - For those who chose not to look at my Carrd, but still want to know how else you can refer to me--very helpful for insulting me with the correct pronouns.
Instagram - My personal account. Password in Carrd required to be accepted.
Listography - Where I go in depth about my interests.
!!! Hoard - I enjoy hoarding blinkies, stamps, dividers, etc.
My other MySpace accounts are linked below.

People I Will Add

Those who choose to respect my DNI, mainly. Bonus points if you're coming from my main account. I also enjoy seeing other vent/rant/writing accounts, and if you allow comments under your posts, I may use this account to say something.

Who I'd like to meet:

People Who Ignore DNIs

(As of Feb 20th)
20 Minors
10 People with an unspecified/fake age listed

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Christ when on earth did my background break... goddamnit.


Anyways... I don't feel like typing out an entire [Vent] post.

My alarm is going to go off in about 12 minutes. It saddens me that I've spend another night afraid to sleep... I know this isn't healthy for me. I'm unsure how to fix it for myself. I get on a "normal" pattern and suddenly... the insomnia hits again. It always comes back.

Either way... I'll be heading off to school soon. Hopefully, I'll be in a better mood by the time I get out.


Nobody really puts stuff here... I suppose I'll use it for quicker thoughts, for now.


space doggy ☺☺☺☺