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"i do NOT have a piss kink"

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20 years old
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Song: Crystal Castles - Intimate

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About me:

hello! i'm clover. any pronouns are okay! some of my hobbies are cooking, procrastinating, crying in the shower, crying in my bed, crying while eating and chatting on discord. i'm currently studying two uni courses about horror fiction!

  • i'm not looking for any romantic relationships, as i'm already taken β™‘

infp & 2w1!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone with similar interests of mine;

  • anything horror
  • anime & manga
  • video games
  • clowns
  • the 1700's, 1800's & 1920's

current favourites...

  • south park
  • bates motel
  • red dead redemption 2
  • the mandalorian
  • animal crossing: new horizons
  • umibe no estranger
  • higurashi no naku koro ni gou
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