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"1M S0 S3XC 4ND C00L 4SF"

13 years old
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Song: 4NG3L W17H 4 SH07GUN

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1M N3P / R4Z0R / N1C0 4ND 1M 4 7R4NS G4Y GUY 1M FUCK1N 3M0 4S H3LL 4ND 1M 4 B1G FUCK1N K1NN13 4ND 1DK H0W 7H3 FUCK MYSP4C3 W0RKS BU7 UM B3 MY FR13ND 4SF

Who I'd like to meet:

N0 0N3 1M 700 C00L F0R Y4LL

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