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"when the sun is bright the day is good XD"

15 years old
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HI Im Noah XD, im just here to make sum friends :P. dont like school thay are mean D;. i love anime and drawing XD. im a little shy but when you get to know me im funny XD. so dont be scared to add me XD

Who I'd like to meet:

i would love to finde love. im a little lonly

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erna solberg kontrollerer oss WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY

The The Alexzswagsta

First let me hop out motherfucking Porsche
Ion want her if that ass don't sit like a horse
I be balling on these fellas got me feeling like sports
Dash got so much wood I could build me a fort
Ain't too many things I ain't done yet
I'm the king of this shit
Ground by the toilet
I'm just barley getting started
You already upset
Got a tiger as a pet
I just took 'em to the vet
Homie I been making hits
I'm the rap Derek Jeter
Let your bitch ride on me
Like she was on a feeder
If the pussy ain't good
Then I prolly won't feed her
Lil' homie you can keep her
'Cause I really don't need her
I ain't worried bout feature
Homeboy you's a pee on
Toilet seat ass fella man I swear you getting peed on
Man my jewelry so cold I walk around with the heat on
My alarm clock set just in case they wanna sleep on
Ya digg
I'mma full time playa
Hopping out in alligators
Sipping lean and now a later
Homie I'll annihilate you
If you think you wanna battle
You gone have to pay some paper
I just hit her and


Thanks 4 the add!