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"Qui aime bien châtie bien"

17 years old
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Song: Re -Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Ost - 24. Takt of Heroes

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About me:

I play a bit of piano and i watch animes :)

Cool animes i've watched:

---Fate, with the bests fights animations scenes and cool moral philosophy

{This anime is about mage groups that fight for the holy Grail which can make any wish become true, but only one mage can get it.}

---Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatu, this anime has plenty of good waifu materials but the interesting part is the main character's psychological development.
{This anime is about some random weeaboo/gamer dude that gets randomly teleported into a video game fantasy like world.He sympathizes with a silver-haired elf girl which saved him from getting beaten by bandits and he instantly fell in love.Suddenly the girl gets an important badge stolen that she needs for important purposes.So the main character Natsuki subaru goes and try to retrieve the badge but dies killed by someone in the darkness while looking for it...and suddenly rewinds the time after dying and gets back to some sort of checkpoint...}

you can probably tell, I really like re:zero :]

dedicace à casimirr

Who I'd like to meet:

who knows
i don't bite

i'll take some time to improve my profile someday...cough

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thanks for putting me in your top 8! ^^


trop bg celui la !!!


Thanks 4 the add!