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1 years old
United States
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Song: Space Girl

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About me:

aaaaaaaaaaaaa im obnoxious.
uhh i play like video gamesss (add my discord : palisucks#0836)

i likee valorant, call of duty, minecraftt (even tho im not good at building houses or playing survival :/ ), osu! , genshin impact, sims 4, zoo tycoon (bc i love animals ;), CSGO, and others that i cant remember.

speaking of that, i have horrible memory andd i will forget things right as i think of them or something someone has told me.

i really likee r&b (90's , 2000's , 2010's) indieee , yea more things i cant remember but mainly that :)

im gay , but im not a straggot so its okay. and i have a gf right nowww we've been together for 6 months now hehe she makes me really happy and i wanna spend the rest of my life with her so tehe enough of that.

people often say im funny but i really just say random things and jokes that come off my brain that second.

my laugh sounds like someones chucking cheez its down my throat.

i dont think i have very much of a style id say but i know what im trying to go for but i dont have money for that stuff.
thats about it but u can ask me things u wanna know too :)

--> pronouns : she/her

Who I'd like to meet:

whoever :) just dont kidnap me :|

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:0 so manyyy peoplee alreadyy


i also suck at minecraft survival mode </3


I LOVE your song choice