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"when life gives you lemons, eat them and cry"

Apache Helicopter
15 years old
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Song: Ayesha Erotica - Literal Legend (ORIGINAL VERSION)

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About me:

hi :)
i am from germany and i'm 15!
my name is jolska (it's a nickname but call me what you want :3).
i enjoy watching anime, playing videogames and writing short stories.
i really enjoy fashion too and i'm currently trying to figure out what style i feel most comfortable in!
my favorite music genres are rock, k-pop, r&b and rap! my favorite artists are my chemical romance, jazmin bean, tj_beastboy, deftones, mother mother and woo - but i listen to a lot more :)
i'm bisexual and my pronouns are she/they.
i have quite some problems and i'm always there if someone needs to vent!
i also really love bees and frogs ^

Who I'd like to meet:

i'd like to meet new people who are accepting and might share the same interests as me! idc what language we text in, i'm fluent in german and pretty fluent in english as well so yea, idc :3

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ty so much for the add !! i luv ur misa misa pfp :3


thanks for putting me in your top 8! ^^


Thanks 4 the add!