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Sonia nevermind<3


101 years old
United Kingdom
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About me:

Hello! I am Dirt, but please feel free to call me Sonia!!
I’d like to talk with a typing quirk but I feel like I’d forget to use it half the time 🧍
Introduction time or something✨
Name - Dirt/Sonia
Age - [redacted]
18+? - I’m a minor✨
Kins? - Sonia. Only Sonia. +Chihiro though!
Sexuality - Pansexual!!
Comfort characters? - Gundham, Kazuichi, Chiaki, Kaede, Tsumugi, Keebo, and Sonia!
I’ll add my disc soon so, feel free to message me here for now!
This is a account for testing out CSS’s and stuff, I’m not going to be that active! <3

Who I'd like to meet:

Danganronpa fans and Gundham kinnies!! <3

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Sonia nevermind<3

Can everyone please agree that Tom should not exist? >3<