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"growls barkbark"

100 years old
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About me:

hello! my name is lucy, although i also go by koko

my pronouns are he/him and dog/doggo, and as my username suggests, i'm a dogboy.

dont friend me if you have a flashing page, i'm epileptic

messages are open, just dont vent randomly please

i have adhd, autism, psychosis, depression, n bpd. i also have a ton of health conditions i often bring up

before you ask, i do kin light yagami along w many others, my other main kins are asuka ninomiya (idolm@ster) and nico yazawa (love live!)

message for my discord or twitter

Who I'd like to meet:

other ppl, especially people who are into death note, idol games, vtubers, and gyaru fashion

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